Pregnancy & Birth

  • 3 perinatal appointments curated around you and your journey.

    They will include (but are in no way limited to) a birth education session, preparing your birth preferences, creating daily rituals that centres your intuition and builds trust in your capabilities, making a thorough plan for your early postpartum and more.

  • I will be contactable during our time together for any queries, breakdowns, breakthroughs, thoughts via phone/email.

  • I will be on-call for the labour and birth for 2 weeks before your estimated due date and 1 week after. Beyond that I will make every effort to be there as soon as you need me.

  • Birth photography on film delivered as digital files and made into a beautiful high quality keepsake photo book.

  • 2 postnatal appointments where we will debrief the birth and you may ask me any questions or voice anything on your mind.

  • You will receive a specially tailored care package by me.

  • You will also receive a professional pregnancy massage by Mary De Pellegrin

Full Embodiment

    • The entire pregnancy & birth offering

    • 4x 3 hour postpartum sessions designed together in line with how you would feel most supported, seen and held. By the end you are feeling totally capable, nourished, loved and valued as you embark on this journey.

    • Photography on film of you and your with your new babe included in the book alongside photos of your pregnancy and birth.

      I can assist you with breastfeeding, birth debriefing, herbalism, meal prep, postnatal yoga, general baby care, baby-wearing, housework, nannying of older siblings and more.

      I also offer stand alone postpartum support for $300 per session.


Join me and midwife Romy Reznow for a two day immersive, nourishing, therapeutic and educational workshop for pregnant folk and their partners. Taking place over two Saturdays in Eltham, Victoria.

You can expect to be seen, held, heard and filled to the brim with love, understanding and support.

Over the two days we will cover the following topics as well as providing you a balanced and nourishing lunch and morning/afternoon tea. We will also guide you through a hypnobirthing session backed by live sound healing.

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  • Birth re-imagining

  • Anatomy and physiology of labour, birth postpartum

  • Hormones

  • Birth videos and discussion

  • Nutrition in pregnancy and postpartum

  • Intuition, consent and ownership of body and space

  • Navigating the system’ BRAIN acronym, politics of maternity care 

  • Retraining the brain ‘hypno-birth’-type birth prep

  • Sound bath

  • Relationship with pain- ‘pain management strategies’ 

  • Practical birth support and prep (birth support people, rebozo, positions/body work, massage, yoni/perenial massage)

  • 4th trimester 

  • Trauma informed pregnancy and birth (awareness, breath and feeling) 

    Parenting values exercise  

  • Babywearing

  • Navigating relationships and building a community