Love, Presence & power
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Love, Presence & power
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Heal birth to heal the Earth

Hello and welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.


I hold the inherent belief that pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period is a monumental inner journey, a psychedelic exploration of self, a rite of passage and a profoundly sacred act— the details of which will change your life. As a mother and doula it is my deep honour and calling to create a warm, vibrant, judgement free space for you to explore yourself, your relationships, your turn-ons and your triggers so that you can become deeply embodied, tender and tough, confident and capable as you travel this journey.

I will build you a nest of deep love and unwavering support. In this space you will shed parts of your oldself and through this get closer to your essence and inner wisdom and together we will celebrate you. You will unsheathe your power and your capacity to work together with mind, body and spirit in the symphony that is the bringing - and sustaining - of life. This is true embodiment. This is your birthright.

I am also passionate about helping partners and support people understand the importance of their love and presence during this time. I will help them recognise their capability, strength and patience and empower them and their integrity.

My motivation is my anger at the state of birth and the lack of reverence for mothers, women and people who possess wombs in the world. The ways in which we are or are not honoured, revered, seen and celebrated during this time not only shapes a person but a culture.

My passion and drive comes from the desire to take down this patriarchal regime and reignite our world of it’s inner authority, trusting in our intuition, honouring emotions and working with the cyclical nature of birth, death and rebirth that lies inherently within the power of the feminine. It is time for the new paradigm - the masculine serving the feminine. The mind serving the heart.

We must heal birth to heal the Earth.


I'm so grateful for Sunni’s presence during my birth. She was a beautiful emotional support for me throughout my pregnancy, labour and post natal period. Throughout my labour her presence was quiet but strong. I always knew she was there and I gravitated towards her during each contraction feeling completely held. I think with birth it’s important to surround yourself with ‘your people’, Sunni was that for me.

-Tajette O’Halloran






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