Some kind words from my beautiful clients….


Hayley’s Birth

“From the moment we decided to have Sunni as our doula, we instantly felt like we were in safe hands.

In my early stages of labour, Sunni was by my side, giving me a nourishing massage with a guided meditation, offering food and hydration and supporting me through each contraction with words of encouragement, power and love. She was by my side for every decision; when to go to hospital, which position I should try, when to have a shower, go for a walk ect. Sunni showed my husband how to apply counter pressure on my hips which was essential in getting through each contraction with less pain. She created a home environment in the hospital birthing suite by bringing battery operated candles and a speaker to play our music. The vibe was very calm. Sunni ensured our midwives were aware of our birth plan which was allowed me to completely melt into the moment, knowing everyone was aware of my preferences.

After a long labour of about 36 hours, Sunni was still by my side when it came time to push. For an hour and a half I was pushing my legs against her hips, her words of encouragement soaking in to help me with every push. The look on her face when she saw my baby’s head crowning is something I will never forget, and it was what I needed to know I was nearly there, so close to meeting my baby! During the pushing, Sunni was also taking photos (I didn’t even notice!) and I am SO glad she did as the photos are insane! They captured so perfectly the love in the room.

Thank you Sun for being by our side, we will be forever grateful. There’s no manual to childbirth and Sunni was the perfect coach.”

-Hayley Bade


Tajette’s Birth

“I'm so grateful for Sunni’s presence during my birth. She was a beautiful emotional support for me throughout my pregnancy, labour and post natal period. Throughout my labour her presence was quiet but strong. I always knew she was there and I gravitated towards her during each contraction feeling completely held. I think with birth it’s important to surround yourself with ‘your people’, Sunni was that for me.”

-Tajette O'Halloran